About Us

As the conception for makerspaces and digital fabrication is uprising in the middle east region, Qatar Business Incubation Center (QBIC) has made a strategic decision to develop a one-of-its kind tab lab in Qatar, that serves all society layers in Qatar, including enterprise, entrepreneurs, students, makers, etc.

The idea behind QBIC Fab Lab is to introduce the power of digital fabrication to students, empower entrepreneurs to prototype their products, help the industry in Qatar in terms of spare part manufacturing and prototyping as well as raise the awareness of people about the culture of digital fabrication. Creating and inspiring; learning and designing; prototyping and producing; and sharing are the keywords that define the fab lab. The idea of this fab lab is to become a place of exchange and creation for a wide audience: from college students to innovative companies, including artists, DIV enthusiasts and researchers. As a matter of fact, ibTECHar Digital Solutions Co. is responsible for the setting-up and operation of QBIC Fab Lab.

Our Stakeholder

QATAR DEVELOPMENT BANK (QDB): Is a financial entity fully owned by the government, set up by Emiri Decree to invest in and develop local industries by supporting SMEs in Qatar. QDB’s support of QBIC is directly aligned with the bank’s mission, vision and strategy. QDB has the mission of accelerating the development of the Qatari private sector in line with the diversification needs of Qatar. The bank’s vision is to be the primary enabler of Qatar’s private sector and economic diversification through strategies to shift the economic focus away from the hydrocarbon industry by stimulating a robust and diversified private sector. QBIC plays an important role in helping fulfil these aims for a thriving and sustainable Qatari economy.

QATAR BUSINESS INCUBATION CENTER (QBIC): Is the largest mixed-use business incubator in the MENA region. QBIC was founded by two of Qatar's leading government institutions supporting local entrepreneurs: Qatar Development Bank (QDB) -sole ownerand Nama. QBIC goal is to develop the next QAR 100 Million companies in Qatar. QBIC empowers entrepreneurs to start and grow companies by incubating, developing, connecting, and investing.

Our Team

Tasneem Hussain

Fab Engineer

Rania Zarandah

Fab Lab Manager

Moustafa Raslan

Fabrication Engineer

Our Philosophy

What is QBIC Fab Lab?

It’s a Digital Fabrication Laboratory open to
everybody who wants to turn ideas into reality
through shared knowledge.

Our Mission

To support, promote and accelerate ideas into products, which allow the development of high-value local entrepreneurships and businesses.

Our Vision

To be referenced internationally as one of the best centers in digital fabrication in the Middle East, for managing, developing and promoting social innovation processes through digital manufacturing and open knowledge .

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